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You asked for shareable portion sizes, and we listened: Good Measure Meals has launched Family Style Meals! It’s easy – just pick any combination of your favorite proteins, veggies, and other sides. Create an entire family-sized meal, or leave just some of the cooking to us. Say goodbye to the weeknight stress: we’re here to help! Starting at per meal

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Shareable portion sizes of your favorite Good Measure meal components.


We’re putting the power of healthy eating into your hands. Our culinary team and Registered Dietitian Nutritionists have curated some of our most popular meal components into larger portions that are easily shared and enjoyed. Whether you’re looking to feed your family or make meal prep a little easier, Good Measure Meals has your back! 

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“It's not just about ordering healthy meals, it's about making lifestyle changes. You are not some random customer – you are family – and everyone wants to see you win, and the tools and plan are laid out for you. I lost 50 lbs and it happened just by sticking to the plan. I felt amazing and had more energy than ever – my doctors are beyond excited and proud. But I feel great, too, and people keep telling me the difference they see in me. One thing being on the program has taught me was just naturally making healthier decisions (portion size, food choices, etc.). I have tried so many plans and programs and this is the one that has actually worked, and it makes me also feel good that they do not do it to try and make a sell –they just genuinely want to not only help you, but others who are in need.”

- Beyonce A., Mableton

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