What began with a friend helping friends quickly became a labor of love. It is truly a story that exemplifies the idea that food is indeed love.

What began with a friend helping friends quickly became a labor of love. It is truly a story that exemplifies the idea that food is indeed love.

It Started with Friends Caring for Friends


The story of Good Measure Meals begins with the story of Open Hand Atlanta. In April of 1988, Michael Edwards Pruitt and a small group of friends gathered together to cook meals for their neighbors and loved ones disenfranchised by HIV/AIDS.

This noble effort soon became a labor of love, and Open Hand was officially born in the rectory kitchen of St. Bartholomew's Episcopal Church. Shortly thereafter -- guided by a mission of compassion and service -- the organization expanded to meet the increasing need in the community.

Today, Open Hand is the largest community-based home-delivered meal provider in the Southeast, providing medically-appropriate meals and nutrition education to thousands of those who are either too sick to cook for themselves, disabled, elderly and/or home-bound.

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It Grew Thanks to an Innovative Restaurateur

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Good Measure Meals was launched in 2004, when local legend Tom Murphy of Murphy’s restaurant in Virginia Highland started regularly making fresh and healthy meals for his mother, who had fallen ill. He soon realized there was a major opportunity for convenient delivery of  healthy, gourmet qualify meals. and he founded Good Measure Meals in a corner of Open Hand Atlanta’s commercial kitchen.

In 2005, and well before social enterprise was a commonly used term, Stephen Woods, Open Hand Atlanta’s visionary Executive Director at the time (fun fact: also Open Hand’s first-ever full-time employee!), purchased Good Measure Meals.

With the objective of creating a social enterprise partnership in mind, Stephen took a chance on a big idea by expanding Open Hand’s mission across the full socioeconomic spectrum while creating a financially sustainable revenue stream to fuel Open Hand’s non-profit work in the community.

With that, impact-based Good Measure Meals was born as a social enterprise, and we’ve been cooking up meals with a mission ever since.

And now we Provide Nutrition For All

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Prior to the pandemic, Open Hand Atlanta delivered over 5,000 medically appropriate meals each day to medically-fragile neighbors across 19 Metro Atlanta counties, making us one of the largest community-based nutrition agencies in the country. Over the past year, Open Hand has seen a dramatic increase of over 40% in the number of clients in need of our services.

Good Measure Meals will continue to support this work and the vision of Nutrition for All as we relaunch our brand to once again offer delicious, healthy, freshly prepared meals across the socio-economic spectrum and provide an added revenue stream to help meet the need during this critical time and beyond.

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