Finding Healthy in Pregnancy: Meet Maryashley Fisher

By: Good Measure Meals Q&A

Moms-to-be know well how much emotional and physical energy go into growing and preparing for a precious new life during pregnancy, not to mention the beautiful up-ending of normalcy once that little one arrives in the world.

We were so pleased to meet Maryashley Fisher of Simply Maryashley as she was rounding out her pregnancy and preparing for the birth of her first baby. Maryashley signed up for a Good Measure Meals plan to make meal prep easier, help manage the curve-ball of gestational diabetes with balanced nutrition at each meal, and to spend a little more quality time with her husband, Michael, in advance of baby’s arrival!

Learn a little more about Maryashley, below, and read about her experience with Good Measure Meals on her blog, Simply Maryashley.

"My Diagnosis + Good Measure Meals"

UPDATE: Welcome, baby Brooks Fisher!

GMM: We love to start out by asking our friends to do something fun: describe themselves in 5 words or less. Ready? Go!

MAF: Sincere, compassionate, energetic, loyal, and passionate.

GMM: You have a degree in nutrition and are a Certified Wellness Program Manager, among many other hats. What does a typical day or week look like for you?

MAF: I work for a large healthcare company as a Client Engagement Manager and manage a book of business of about 25 clients. I create wellness strategies and help with open enrollment. Although my role is client-facing, there is also a large amount of administrative work as well. I absolutely love my job and feel the work I do to support my clients comes naturally to me!

GMM: At GMM, we believe that healthy is not “one-size-fits-all” and encompasses way more than just what you eat. How would you describe your “healthy,” and what is bringing you life beyond your plate right now?

MAF: I couldn’t agree with that statement enough! Even though I’m a nutritionist, I believe all food should be enjoyed in moderation. I don’t think I have met a food I didn’t like or wouldn’t try.

Healthy to me is building simple, balanced meals and snacks that give you the freedom and energy to confidently pursue what genuinely matters to you! I think life should be simply delicious & nutritious, with a side of style and adventure!

My passion in life is helping YOU find a life of joy, energy and compassion. That means a place where you fall in love with the food you eat, where your closet makes you shimmer, and where you are wholly free to be yourself!

GMM: Wow - love that phrase, "where your closet makes you shimmer!" Such a fun idea, and you do a great job inspiring people in areas from fashion to nutrition habits!

You talk about your Good Measure Meals experience (among many other things!) on your blog, but give us one takeaway you’ve had so far.

MAF: The fact that we don’t have to worry about what’s for dinner and knowing we are getting a healthy, fresh, balanced meal in 3 minutes and using that time it would of taken us for prep, cooking, and cleanup to spend quality time with each other during one of the busiest seasons of our lives.

GMM: In your post, you also talk about being diagnosed with gestational diabetes during pregnancy. Tell us briefly what it was like to manage your gestational diabetes, and how would you encourage other moms out there who receive a similar diagnosis?

MAF: I first want to say being diagnosed with gestational diabetes is not your fault. I was shocked to receive this diagnosis, but knew I wanted to do everything I could to manage it for the baby’s health. I managed my gestational diabetes with my diet by eating three balanced meals and three balanced snacks a day. The key is to have a meal and snack with carbs, protein, and healthy fats. I would encourage other mamas to meal- and snack-prep when you have some downtime so that you are set up for success. Good Measure Meals really helped me as I got into the swing of things with this new diagnosis. I would love to help answer any questions! Connect with me via the blog or on Instagram @simplymaryashley.

GMM: Thank you for sharing that with us - it is so helpful to have experiences like yours out there to encourage other mamas going through similar pregnancy curveballs. 

Now that you've had plenty of Good Measure Meals, what would you say is your favorite?

MAF: It was hard, but I would have to say my favorite so far is the Cilantro Lime Shrimp bowl and Michael’s is the Beef Stroganoff!

GMM: Yum! Great choices, we can confirm those are staff favorites as well.

Thanks for joining us for these questions; and to wrap up, what’s one final bit of encouragement you’d like to share with our readers?

MAF: If you are looking to make a lifestyle change start by doing one simple change first and then build on that! Remember habits are formed within 21 days. Give yourself grace!

Thank you again, Maryashley! Find Maryashley's review of her Good Measure Meals experience here, and read more about her precious new baby here!

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