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Stuffed peppers done right!

By: Open Hand Atlanta

As dietitians, we are here to help make sense of it, empower you to have healthy relationships with food, and to meet your personal wellness goals. So read below to find a scrumptious recipe, what I’m currently listening to in the podcast domain, and a nutrition-focused article as some food for thought.

[RECIPE] What we're cooking up…

One of our practices of “meditation” is spending some quality time in the kitchen, working with my most creative finesse in adding colors, flavors and aromas to dishes—simply art on a plate! Check our this great Turkey Stuffed Bell Pepper recipe.

Often times, we find inspiration off of blogs and such and make healthy twists as needed. We don’t change much to this recipe aside from throwing in some spinach with the mixture before scooping into the bell peppers!

New [DIGS] What we're listening to…

One of our favorite weekly podcasts to check in on is Monica Reinagel’s Nutrition Diva podcast. Monica does an excellent job on sifting through the cluttered noise in the nutrition realm and breaks down to the facts to make eating healthy easier! Her most recent podcast discusses how to increase high fiber foods in the diet but also keep calories under control by reaching for foods with a high fiber density, or how much fiber they provide per calorie. As Monica describes, make friends with leafy greens— beets, mustard and turnip greens and chicory all of have high fiber density scores. Give this podcast episode a listen to learn more on how to increase your fiber intake while also watching your calories.

[NUTRITION] Poor Sleep May Fuel Harmful Eating Habits and Diabetes

Sleep— an often overlooked factor in overall health and wellness. How are your sleep patterns? Are you staying up late in the night and snacking? Sure, you could be starting your morning with a wholesome smoothie and filling your day up with all good, clean eating but if you’re finding yourself snacking late in the night, this could be the problem area as to why you aren’t seeing the results that you are looking for. This article highlights how sleep deprivation may contribute to our craving for unhealthful foods, leading to a night time snacking habit and, in turn, increasing risk for obesity and diabetes.

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