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Meal Plans

4 menus. 5 or 7 day plans. Breakfast and Lunch. Dinner Plans.

Vegetable Soup

Good Measure Meals™ makes it easy to eat healthy and enjoy gourmet food every day. Our Registered Dietitians establish the strict nutrition guidelines implemented by our Executive Chef, Research and Development Chef and Food Services Manager in the development of all Good Measure Meals™ menus.

We take your health seriously. All of our menus incorporate the nutrition recommendations of the American Diabetes Association and the U.S. Dietary Guidelines.

Our culinary dietitians work closely with our chefs to ensure the meals taste great. They incorporate fresh produce and USDA inspected meats and never add preservatives. Creative recipes developed by our team ensure variety and the right balance of nutrients. We update our menus twice each year in order to feature seasonal favorites in our Spring/Summer and Fall/Winter menus.

Good Measure Meals™ offers 4 menus. All are on a 5 week rotation, ensuring lots of variety and adhere to a healthy balance of approximately 22% protein, 30% healthy fat and 48% consistent health-promoting carbohydrates. All of our meal plans are:

  • COMPLETE meals - no need to purchase additional side items or prepare anything yourself
  • Always FRESH - never frozen or dehydrated
  • Balanced daily to ensure CONSISTENT calories and carbohydrates
  • Delivered to over 90 convenient pickup locations or your home or office twice each week

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Dietitian Services

Good Measure Meals™ has a staff of experienced registered dietitians

Good Measure Meals™ has a staff of experienced registered dietitians available to answer any questions that you might have about our meal plans and how they can be used to help you achieve your health goals. They are also available for personal, one on one consultations.

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Corporate Wellness

A full menu of wellness programs to support the corporate community.

Good Measure Meals™ knows the benefit of having a healthy workforce and how important it is to remove barriers to improved health. Employers that support and promote wellness for their employees receive significant payback from a more productive workforce.

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Gift Certificates

Give the gift of good nutrition. Gift certificates may be purchased for any of the products and services offered by Good Measure Meals™.

Good Measure Meals gift certificates are a great way to introduce friends and family to fresh, ready-to-eat meals that are healthy and delicious. In addition to helping people with weight loss, the meal plans are a convenient and healthy option for new moms, people recovering from surgery or illness or who are just too busy to prepare healthy meals for themselves. Show them you how much you care with the gift of Good Measure Meals.

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Ordering is simple and easy!

Select meal plan option

Select meal plan

All new orders, changes to existing orders, suspensions and cancellations must be received by Customer Service no later than 4pm each Thursday in order to affect your order for the following Monday

Questions? Customer service representatives are available Monday-Friday, 9am until 4pm at 404.815.7695

4 week plans are discounted and non-refundable

French Toast as Prepared by Good Measure Meals

Chicken Dish as Prepared by Good Measure Meals