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Re-Launch Anticipated Late Summer

By: Open Hand Atlanta

During the past two months, demand for meals for our parent non-profit, Open Hand Atlanta, has continued to rise. Open Hand has flexed its business model and delivery operations to meet this unprecedented need, and we've been able to generate an additional 75,000 meals for vulnerable, food insecure individuals. Read the latest full-spectrum Open Hand update here.

Meanwhile, Open Hand is currently beginning to test the supply chain for mass meal production by slowly expanding kitchen operations beyond its Emergency Meal Boxes. This will give us a better ability to predict and prepare for a specific launch date for Good Measure Meals. Right now, we're anticipating re-launching late summer, around end of August - it can't come soon enough! We appreciate your patience and understanding.

That said, Good Measure Meals has been busy behind the scenes working toward:

  • Finalizing our new seasonal menu featuring tons of delicious meal options
  • Reducing ordering complexity
  • Introducing new options for plan flexibility
  • Expanding direct delivery at a reduced rate
  • Integrating a new digital wellness support platform to provide resources for both corporate clients and our meal plan customers

As always, check in with any questions at customerservice@goodmeasuremeals.com or 404-815-7695.

Additionally, the latest updates from Open Hand Atlanta can be found here.

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