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Celebrate National Nutrition Month with a World of Flavors!

March is National Nutrition Month, and this year’s theme is “Celebrating a World of Flavors"!

One thing that every culture worldwide shares is a variety of plant-based foods, especially produce. However, each culture is unique in their preparation methods and the produce they pick. Plant-based diets consist of fruits, veggies, whole grains, beans, legumes, nuts, and seeds. These categories are an important part of our diet.

In fact, MyPlate, created by the UDA, suggests that fruit and veggies should make up should make up half your meal. Grains should make up another quarter of your meal and the remaining quarter of your plate is reserved for protein, which can be plant based or animal based. Despite this, almost 80% of Americans do not eat the recommended portion of fruits of veggies, and the grains are generally processed and refined. Good Measure Meals works tirelessly to provide healthy, plant-based options to our customers to satisfy their nutrition needs and of course their taste buds. With our numerous options, including our vegetarian meals, we strive to exceed the expectations of the various people and cultures we serve.

People often get stuck in a rut, eating the same handful of fruits and veggies over and over.  Luckily, there are a multitude of ways you can easily enjoy your fruits, veggies, and whole grains, regardless of your preferred flavor profile. Fruits and veggies can be made sweet, like a smoothie, or savory, like boiled or sautéed. Whole grains can come in the form of breads, pasta, rice and more! The introduction of different dishes from various cultures is a great way to experiment, incorporate delicious and diverse recipes into your menu, and keep your meals interesting.

Spring is quickly approaching, bringing with it a variety of produce. Fruits and veggies don’t need to be limited to sides and salads: they can also be the star of any meal, providing diverse colors and textures. Add them as a pizza topping or make a fruit oatmeal bowl. Maybe even grill veggie kabobs! Whole grains make a great base for bright and colorful meals. Stack veggies on bread for a sandwich or load your rice with veggies and proteins for a delicious poke bowl.

Take your meal planning global and take part in Celebrating a World of Flavors:

  • Looking for a crunchy snack? Try yucca or African cassava chips. You want a dip to go with that? Easy. You can have your pick from hummus, babganoujh (eggplant dip), pesto, tapenade, or tahini (also makes an amazing salad dressing).
  • Looking for sides to match a fancy meal? Dive into the world of Korean Banchan (various side salads) and Mediterranean mezze (an array of appetizers).
  • Looking for a delicious and filling breakfast? Your options are seemingly endless:
    • Congee is a delicious porridge consumed throughout Asia. Somen, udon, and ramen are a great Asian pastas that can double as a meal or a snack, and they work perfectly with any veggie and herb you add to them.
    • Couscous, a popular pasta dish, is a common food between the Mediterranean and North Africa, so you can enjoy 2 cultures in 1 bite.
    • Burritos and enchiladas are amazing Latin dishes that can be stuffed to the brim with veggies and keep you full till dinner.
  • And of course, don’t be afraid to mix n’ match cultures! Babganoujh and pretzels are heavenly together, ramen with banchan is a perfect meal, and congee with fruits or a protein is the ultimate comfort food for those tough days.

Another great thing about plant-based meals is that it is easy to meal prep. For people working long hours, this is a great option for creating and freezing meals in advance. And if you can’t make it to the grocery store one week, simply pull out canned versions. Fill your plate with whole grains and get creative with experimenting with different fruits and veggies!

As St. Patty’s day is quickly approaching (March 17), celebrate in a truly Irish way – with ethnic foods ranging from England to the Mediterranean. Combine traditional Irish foods with the classic green for a St. Patty’s day celebration! Add a more plant-based approach to your diet and get in St. Patty’s spirit!

The world is your coconut! It’s yours to explore and enjoy!

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