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Throw it in the Crock Pot!

[RECIPE] Throw it in the Crock Pot! 

I stumbled upon this recipe when I bought my first ever Crock Pot. I was still in graduate school studying to be a dietitian. My schedule was packed between internship, school work, and my part-time job. In order to have a home-cooked meal by the time I get home, I relied a lot on my crock pot. (I still do!) This recipe is so simple.

I put in all the ingredients in the morning, turn it on, and I have a big pot of soup by the time I get home. I can always go for a bowl of warm chicken noodle soup. And with this recipe, you can easily increase the amount of carrots and celery so you get more of the veggies! I also use no salt added chicken broth and add salt later to control the amount of sodium. I freeze the leftover so I can have soup anytime I want. Many of my coworkers compliment  me on the soup when I bring it for lunch!

I should also mention that I love using my Crock Pot, but what I love even more is trying out restaurants with my fiance around town! When I was in search of a major in undergrad, my sister pointed out, "well you love to eat so do something with food.” So I always laugh when people ask about my journey to becoming a dietitian. My sister chose this path for me--and I actually love it. Off top of mind, here are a few of my favorite Atlanta restaurants:

  • Pizza- Antico
  • Fried Chicken-Mary Mac’s
  • Tapas-Poor Hendrix
  • Seafood-The Optimist
  • Favorite dessert? Crème Brulee. From anywhere
  • One of my favorite go-tos is So Kong Dong Tofu BBQ for their BBQ Short Rib and Spicy Tofu Soup !

[NEW DIGS] What I'm Watching...

Chef’s Table Season 4

Netflix just released season 4 of Chef’s Table. I have been a fan since it first came out and this show features so many chef stories and the amazing foods they create! As a culinary dietitian, how can I resist a show that showcases the best of the best in culinary world? Growing up in Hong Kong and Atlanta plus having a mom that's an amazing cook has exposed me to so many delicious flavor pairings and dishes so naturally this show is one of my favorites.

And more importantly, this season is all about pastry! I like how this show is different than other food shows because it talks about the chef’s background and how they became who they are. Get your binge on and enjoy the show!

[NUTRITION] Advice dietitians are begging you to forget. 

Thanks to the internet, nutrition information is easily accessible. But are they all accurate and scientifically proven? I admit that I fall for Doctor Google from time to time but when you have the experts here to ask about nutrition, why not ask the professional? This article discusses many questions that I get asked all the time. It’s short but it packs a bunch of good information that are science based and RD approve! I especially agree on the point that “There Are No Bad Foods”. There’s no foods that are off-limit. It’s all about moderation. In my opinion, learning to eat mindfully is more important than omitting foods that you do enjoy.

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