Higher in protein; lower in carbs. Our newest specialty meal plan is the perfect way to *FUEL your active lifestyle. Currently offering 1 meal option per day. Starting at $14.49 per meal

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The MVP Plan


You asked, and we delivered! Backed by science and crafted for our favorite fit foodies, our *FUEL meal plans not only provide more protein in the macronutrient balance, they feature premium quality proteins such as wild-caught sockeye salmon and angus beef, as well as other specialty ingredients like organic greens and wild-foraged organic grains.

Macronutrient Balance

Ideal For

  • Fit Foodies
    Fit Foodies
  • Busy Professional
    Busy Professionals
  • Athlete

The Menu

Start with our base Fuel Menu, below, crafted and nutritionally balanced by our team of expert Registered Dietitian Nutritionists and Chefs. Then, customize to your tastes and preferences as much as you like during the order process!

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"I spent most of my life overweight and I was a chronic dieter. After losing 130 pounds and becoming an athlete, I had to learn how to maintain control of my nutrition to properly match my lifestyle. I needed more, REAL food to have the energy to work out 7 days a week. With the Good Measure Meals FUEL plan, I’ve finally found a great balance with protein and good carbs. The food is amazing - better than a restaurant! – and I feel good knowing that the chefs and the dietitians have worked together to make sure it’s full of nutrition and nothing else like other packaged meals or takeout. I’ve lost (and kept off) 4 pounds in my first month on the program from finally eating enough food maintain my active lifestyle."

– Tina T., Atlanta

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