Our Diabetic meal plan provides a balanced approach to all your favorite flavors, meaning you get to eat great and feel great too! To keep the nutrition as balanced as possible for blood sugar levels, the Diabetic meal plan does not offer customization. We additionally suggest ordering 3 meals per day to best manage blood sugar levels and overall health. Starting at $7.59 per meal

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The Unsung Hero Plan


Carb counting? Let us do it for you! Our diabetic meal plans are designed to keep blood sugar and energy levels steady throughout the day by providing consistent amounts of fiber-rich carbs at each meal. Managing your diabetes has never been so easy or delicious!

Browse our menus below, choose 5 or 7 days' worth of meals, and let us do the cooking. We deliver fresh around Metro Atlanta to make healthy eating easy!

Macronutrient Balance

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  • Diabetes Management
    Diabetes Management
  • Convenience
  • Weight Loss
    Weight Loss
  • Preventative Health
    Preventative Health

The Menu

Our set Diabetic Menu is crafted and nutritionally balanced by our team of expert Registered Dietitian Nutritionists and Chefs to best manage blood sugar levels and overall health.

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Customer Story

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"Within 2 weeks of eating the diabetic meals I was taken off meal time insulin. That's 3 less shots a day!"

– Lynn B., McDonough

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