2019 Spring Menu Sneak Peek: BBQ Jackfruit Sandwich

By: Catherine Ouellette, MS, RDN, LD

Big news! The Spring 2019 line has dropped, and our chefs are busy prepping for the first deliveries of the season.

We stole a few minutes from Catherine Ouellette, Senior Manager of Menu Development for Good Measure Meals and Open Hand Atlanta, to discuss some of her favorites.

GMM: Let’s start out with a brief rundown of your background and how you came to Open Hand/Good Measure Meals.

CO: I was born and raised in Georgia, and I am a southern girl through and through.  I decided to study nutrition at University of Georgia because I grew up loving to cook healthy meals with family and, to be honest, I am a true science nerd.  I love the way food fuels our bodies but can also enrich our souls. I went on to receive my Master’s Degree in Nutritional Sciences at the University of Connecticut and finished with an internship at Emory University Hospitals.

During my internship, I did a rotation with Open Hand and fell in love with the mission.  I was ultimately offered a position in Operations and couldn’t turn down the opportunity to help changes lives around the Atlanta area.  Knowing I play a part in feeding thousands of people around the state with a nutritious meal they can depend on, makes every day worth it! I love the support that OH provides in the idea that food is medicine and the change they are making in the community to spread this truth.  This job allows me to be creative with new recipes and meal ideas as well as apply my scientific background by designing meals that meet nutritional guidelines for the different populations we serve.

GMM: We’ve benefited from your creativity on the menu development team for many years, now! Speaking of – what is one of your favorite time-tested recipes you’re excited to see return to the menu this season?

CO: My favorite returning item on the spring/summer menu is the Black Bean & Sweet Potato Burrito Bowl with Arroz Verde topped with Goat Cheese and Agave Lime Sauce.

GMM: And now for the exciting part – what are you looking forward to the most on the new Spring 2019 line?

CO: Ok so it’s a tie between Smoked Gouda Schmear and BBQ Jack Fruit Sandwich with Pickled Cabbage Slaw! I could eat that Schmear every day and I am so excited for this new vegetarian meal and a new alternative meat product.

GMM: Incredible picks, and this isn’t even the first we’ve heard about that Smoked Gouda Schmear!

Finally, what’s one interesting fact about the menu creation process that people may not know?

CO: We develop recipes from scratch and test them several times to achieve the perfect product we hope our customers and clients will love!

GMM: You all do such amazing work for our customers. Thank you, and we look forward to the first deliveries of the new 2019 line this week!

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