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Smoked Gouda Schmear: Spring 2019 Sneak Peek

By: Rachel Kan MS, RDN, LD

The countdown is on! It’s almost time to launch the Good Measure Meals Spring Summer 2019 menu, so we decided to check in with some of our culinary team to give us the highlights.

First, we’ll hear from Rachel Kan, a culinary dietitian for Good Measure Meals and Open Hand Atlanta.

GMM: Tell us a little about how you came to Open Hand/Good Measure Meals!

RK:  I am a “foodie," and that was the main reason I decided to study nutrition. Do something I love, right? I received my Bachelor of Science in Dietetics from University of Georgia and Master of Science in Nutrition from Georgia State University.

This is my first real job right out of graduate school. I love that I get to be creative in assisting the development of new menu items. My job is very rewarding! Thousands of people receive our meals daily, and I am proud that we have a diverse and customer focused menu. Not many companies out there are as focused as we are about nutrition, and that’s one of the main reasons that keeps me here.

GMM: You and your team are crucial to our focus on nutritional standards and to the development of delicious items on our menus each season. Speaking of our menus - you’ve been on the team for the last few menu launches. What are you excited to see come back on the menu again this spring?

RK: The Braised Brisket Pita! It pairs very well with our housemade Horseradish Aioli and tartness from the Pickled Red Onions. This meal has a lot of flavor.

GMM: You absolutely speak for the rest of the team with that one. It’s a crowd favorite!

And now for the exciting part – what is your favorite NEW item that will be included on the Spring 2019 launch in April?

RK: The Smoked Gouda Schmear, hands down! I love bagels and this schmear is so rich and flavorful. I can’t stop eating it every time we make it!

GMM: Word on the street is that this Smoked Gouda Schmear is possibly the next best thing since sliced…bagels. Can’t wait for our friends to try this spread!

OK now last question – What is one fact about our menu ideation & creation process that our customers and friends would find interesting?

RK: It takes us 6 months to complete a menu! It’s a long time. We put a lot of hard work (and love!) into each menu.

GMM: And it shows! Thanks, Rachel, and hats off to your team and to Spring 2019 via some fresh new flavors.

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