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I wanted to say thank you so much.

Jamie Kennington, Atlanta


What are people saying about GOOD MEASURE MEALS™.

We love to hear from our customers! Not only do we receive great feedback about our menus, but we hear exciting and heart-warming stories of success and improved health from people using our meal plans. Here are just a few of the great results we’ve heard about that we’d like to share with you.

I Have Kickstarted My Healthy Lifestyle Change

Hi!  I just wanted to thank you and Good Measure Meals for helping me win Atlanta’s Biggest Loser!  I have always struggled with my weight and it was in large part to my diet.  Having the meals already made and portioned out made it so easy to stick to.  No matter how delicious they were (and they were delicious!!!)  I knew that I could not go back into the fridge and get another helping (even though I wanted to) because there was no more to get.  I loved coming home after working out, opening the meal, putting it on my plate, microwaving it and sitting down to a “home cooked” meal that I didn’t have to cook! 

I kept a couple of the containers so that once I am finished with all of the meals I have left, I will have something to gauge what my portion sizes should be.  I will use that to put my spaghetti in so that I don’t fill an entire plate.  I have learned so much over the past 12 weeks and I plan on putting all of that to good use so continue my journey to my ultimate goal of losing an additional 50 pounds.  I have a long road ahead but because of Good Measure Meals, I have kick started my healthy lifestyle change. 

~Stacey A. Sprague, Atlanta

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I will be forever indebted to GMM...

Tommy Uhlis Before Good Measure MealsI was born in St. Louis in 1978. My mother and father always stressed athletics with my brother, sister, and myself. Sports was our lives. I was always "Bigger" than all of my friends and family. Although I could compete at the highest level of athletics I was always the bigger kid. I was not fat by any means, I was just broader, thick skinned, or big boned. Although my parents stressed athletics our education on what was fundamentally healthy for us to eat was never stressed. The level and intensity of athletics we played compensated for our lack of a healthier diet.

I believe that the serious weight gain in my life began when I had just graduated from high school in Marietta, GA and moved onto Georgia State University. I had received offers to play college soccer at several colleges, but opted to quit all formal athletics due to being burnt out. I had lived eighteen years of my life playing more sports than any normal kid would. I trained like a professional athlete and my body wanted to retire. That is when my life made a turn for the worse. I was exposed to all of the unhealthy food and alcohol available to a newly liberated high school graduate. I went to school, worked at night at bars, ate what I wanted and thought my work outs compensated for my lack of healthy consumption.

I graduated college with thirty or so extra pounds, a diploma, and dreams of a new life. I was even more free to be the individual I wanted to be. Shortly after graduation I was hired by The Atlanta Police Department as a patrol officer in Southwest Atlanta. I found it even more difficult to follow a normal schedule of eating and working out. I ate large meals only once or twice a day. I worked out less and the pounds came on even quicker. From the time I graduated High School to the time just before I started eating Good Measure Meals I had gained around sixty pounds. Looking back now I found that the weight gain did not happen over night. It took almost a decade. I was tired all of the time, I had no energy, I was sick, and boring.

Around four months ago my wife saw an advertisement for "Atlanta's Biggest Loser." We thought this could be the greatest opportunity for me to regain the life that I was losing. After several interviews I was chosen for the challenge. I was one of twelve contestants who were provided with the opportunity to change their lives. As contestants we were provided with every meal and a trainer. Good Measure Meals was the food provider for all twelve contestants. Their staff met with us individually and catered to our individual food needs. We were provided with the food to lead us to a better lifestyle. Good Measure Meals gave us the foundation for our weight loss and a healthier life. I also worked out a substantial amount.

I began the challenge weighing in at 241 pounds. I am proud to say with exercise and Good Measure Meals I have lost over 51 pounds; which puts me at 190 pounds. I now have the energy to work, play, and exercise. I could have not done this life change on my own. I will forever be indebted to Good Measure Meals; because without them I would not have been able to accomplish the results I have seen now.

~Tommy Uhlis, Altanta

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I’ve lost a whopping 99 lbs.!....and to top it off all the proceeds go to benefit nonprofit Open Hand!

Becca Barnes of AtlantaI started on Good Measure Meals back in February as a contestant on Atlanta’s Biggest Loser Mom’s Edition. It’s now October and I’ve lost a whopping 61 lbs.! But GMM are so much more than an incredibly effective weight loss tool. Firstly they taste phenomenally good. I mean, fresh, perfectly seasoned, wonderfully combined, restaurant quality delicious stuff! Did I mention they were all fresh? I defy you to find any other pre-made ‘diet’ meal that can even come close. There is no contest.

Secondly I love the ease of the program. It’s like having a chef and a nutritionist on staff. It makes me feel so spoiled to reach into the fridge and there’s my dinner all ready! I am a run around, work out of the house mom who is involved in PTA, Girl Scouts and you name whatever else so you could put just about anything in those black packages and I’d be grateful. The thing is they are delicious. I weep for the Pecan Crusted Tilapia. It’s so tasty it’s worthy of a good cry! And the pancakes! I kept checking the packaging for a mistake because I got 3 pancakes. I thought it had to be wrong. Stay on the meals for a few weeks and you will have learned the most important diet lesson ever: portion control. Let the GMM teach your stomach how big a meal should be. Your eyes and appetite will just deceive you!

GMM is like a safety net for my weight loss journey. It takes all the recording, calorie counting and measuring out of dieting. I know as long as I stick to the meals that I can get to my next weight loss goal. They have done all the work and I get all the benefit of a delicious, well balanced meal waiting in my fridge. What’s not to like?

And to top it all off – all the proceeds go to benefit Project Open Hand! How can you not love that? You get the fabulous meals, you lose weight because you have time left over from not grocery shopping and cooking to exercise and you are also benefitting a worthy charity. It’s a win win!

I am so grateful that I had the meals all through the Biggest Loser contest and now for my 40 lb. Challenge group on Facebook. It’s not that I couldn’t lose the weight preparing my own meals but I’m so glad I didn’t have to. It gives me such freedom knowing some one else has done all that work for me so I have time to walk the dog and hit the heavy bag.

~Becca Barnes, Atlanta

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I wanted to say thank you so much.

I wanted to say thank you so much.  It is my pleasure to eat the Good Measure Meals.  I look forward to the selections and I have enjoyed each and every one.  In light of my culinary experience, I have to add that the food is so fresh and is always prepared with the best ingredients.  Everything has had fabulous flavor and I have become a huge fan of breakfast.

It is so hard to believe my plan contains only 1700 calories.  I have not yet been able to finish the dinner portions.  Thanks so much and please thank your chefs for the expertise.

~Jamie Kennington, Atlanta

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Biggest Loser Thanks Good Measure Meals

I want to thank you for your generous sponsorship of this competition (Atlanta's Biggest Loser).  Having your nutritious and delicious meals available has meant the difference between success and failure.  I've learned so much about portion control and about what to eat to be comfortably full.  I have also learned a great deal about my old eating habits that got me into trouble.  I'm thrilled to begin the new year below the 200 lb. mark -- for the first time since 1999. 

Thank you doesn't seem adequate, but I send my heartfelt thanks to everyone at GMM for giving me the chance to change my life for the better.

~Marcy Massengale, Atlanta

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No More Empty Calories

I started on Good Measure Meals on Monday and I have to say they are wonderful.  I am on the 1200 cal plan and find the portions to be quite generous.  I actually had to almost force the morning quiche down...just because I was so full.  I am feeling quite satisfied with no cravings.

I looked back on my intake for the previous week and there are a lot of empty calories..some days about 300 for cakes, bars, with my total calorie intake being between 1300 - 1400 calories.  Yet, I still wanted something else to eat.

So I am really delighted with these meals...feeling totally full and not looking for anything else to eat.

~Dianne Gillis, Atlanta

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Do Your Body a Favor...

When my youngest child went to college, I realized how much I hated cooking. I found myself eating strange assortments of odds and ends that didn’t even resemble a nutritional meal; or spending a fortune on prepared food to avoid the hassle of cooking for one. Five months ago, I signed up for GMM and love the variety and nutritional balance that comes with their meals. The five day plan is perfect for me and makes it easy for me to eat great food that’s really good for me. No more strange dinners or skipped meals because I’m too lazy or tired to cook. With GMM I feel like I’m doing my body a favor and I’m freeing up my time to do something more interesting than cooking.

~Virginia Doty, Altanta

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Well, that was good!

Our Good Measure Meals have been delicious. I look forward to every meal and snack and am interested to see the creative ways in which my 1400 calories are being used. I appreciate every fresh herb and pine nut. My husband, not an easy critic, simply says after each meal, "Well, that was good!" Please give our compliments to the chef

~Fentress Waits, Atlanta

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Filling and satisfying.

This is my fourth day and I just want to say a resounding THANK YOU!!!! I would never have guessed that 1200 calories could be so filling and so satisfying……(how can I have the traditional turkey sloppy joe lunch daily?). It’s a great program and one that I foresee being able to stay on long term.

~Edith Biggers, MD, Atlanta

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Drop from a 38 pants waist to 33!

I always ate the right foods and exercised 3 – 4 times weekly, but I was simply taking in too many calories. At 1200 calories a day, with the same amount of exercise, I was able to shed the pounds around my waist and drop from a 38 pants waist to a 33! With the Good Measure Meals program, it was easy to ensure that I was taking in the right number of calories per day. It took a little over a month to get adjusted to the new daily calorie intake, but after 3 months, I could never go back to eating the amount of food I was eating prior to the Good Measure Meals program. At this point, I know how much food is the right amount of food to eat. So why stay on the program after losing the weight? Easy – the food is great!

~John Garcia, Atlanta

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Thank You Good Measure Meals

Finally, I decided to take my doctor's advice and try Good Measures for six weeks.

I could go on about the quality, variety, taste and freshness of your meals but I want to focus on the results. Suffice it to say it was easy to keep to this meal plan, and aside from evening sweets cravings (which were caused more by habit than hunger, and subsided after a few weeks when replace with healthy snacks) I never once felt deprived. My family and friends were skeptical, but soon couldn't argue with the results I was getting by sticking to the Good Measures plan. If my appearance, attitude and energy levels didn't convince anyone, the hard numbers left no room for doubt:
Weight before: 212, after: 197
Total cholesterol before: 219, after 164... Without medication!
LDL before 135, after: 90
HDL before 49, after 56
Triglicerides before: 173, after: 92
(After six weeks on the 1200+snack plan, 39 year-old male, moderate exercise.)

An unexpected benefit of this plan was the complete elimination of heartburn!

And if anyone has trouble justifying the cost of Good Measures meals, I can tell them from my experience that much of the expense over the normal cost of food was offset by:
1. A decrease in the amount of pocket cash I normally burnt through buying lunches, snacks and junk food during the day.
2. The amount of free time saved from shopping, cooking and (as I'm learning now) proper meal planning, and time really is money.
3. A dramatic reduction in the amount of money I spend at the local coffee shop, since I no longer depend on caffeine for energy. Without any prior intention, conscious effort or withdrawals, I just don't drink as much coffee. I calculate that I now spend only a quarter of the amount I used to spend at the evil coffee empire... which for me works out to an extra $1,200+ more in my pocket annually!
4. After my latest cholesterol test, I can wholeheartedly say the health benefits MORE than justify any added expense.
5. The proceeds support a very worthwhile cause: Project Open Hand.

Thank you Good Measure Meals!

~Patrick Pepin, Atlanta

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I want to thank you for your service over the last year

Last Christmas I went on a vacation and I am not used to having photographs made of me. When we got home and developed the pictures, I was astonished to realize the fat girl in the pictures was me.

I found out about (the Good Measure Meals™) program through a colleague and I began doing it around January. I have been doing it for about one year and I would like you to know I have lost from a size 12 to a size 4. I have never felt better in my life. It has been extremely convenient and easy to do. I have also learned about portions and calories. I want to thank you very much for the service you have provided to me and I highly recommend your program to other people.

~Diane L. Wisebram, Atlanta

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I look forward to every meal now

I haven’t done Good Measure in a few months, so I was blown away by the changes you’ve made. I look forward to every meal now. About 2 years ago, I suffered a stroke that left me in a wheel chair. I had no idea how cruel a wheel chair could be to a figure. Good Measure is allowing me to make healthier choices so that I can hopefully get rid of some of this unwanted weight.

~Susan Kendall , Atlanta

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I am a 'sweetie' due to diabetes

I am a 'sweetie' due to diabetes, and have been unable to control my blood glucose count for the past year. Sandy Gillespie at Piedmont Diabetes Center told me about (the Good Measure Meals) program at my last meeting with her.

I realized that part of the problem I was experiencing was due to my diet. I resented having to spend the time required to shop and prepare the type of foods I need, so often I would not plan meals but just 'snack'. The times I did prepare my food, or stop at one of the local take-out places that offer 'healthy' choices, I would feel better after having that meal.

Since starting the Good Measure program a month ago, I've been able to maintain my blood glucose within my target range resulting in more energy, and the peace of mind that I'm doing everything within my power to control my disease. Some would say that having meals delivered is a 'luxury' and I should certainly be able to prepare my own food. I view Good Measure Meals as another tool to help me be as healthy as possible. Thank you Good Measure Meals.

~S. Whitfield, Atlanta

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I have lost 20 lbs. so far

I love Good Measure Meals!! I started on them in May and I haven't had a meal that I don't like!!! I have lost 20 pounds so far and eating REAL, FRESH food has made it sooo easy!!! Nothing frozen or freeze dried....and no need to grocery shop!!!

~Terrie Nunnally Hairston, Fayetteville

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The meals have been excellent.

The meals have been excellent. I don’t think I have had a duplicate meal in the month I have been on your plan. I have been pleased at the service from John, your delivery man. He has been most courteous and helpful. The meals themselves have been very tasty and surprisingly filling given they are only 1700 calories.

I have been very pleased with your plan.

~Jeffrey Mills, Smyrna

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I often suggest GMM to my...patients.

I have a bariatric patient (she is preparing for surgery) whom I have been working with since August. She did Fresh N Fit meals about 1 -2 months ago. She has been doing GMM since December 1st. I met with her yesterday and she says that her cravings for sweets have gone away and that she is feeling more satisfied with the GMM vs. The Fresh N Fit meals. And of course it is really helping her with portion control.

If you could send me brochures at the address below, that would be great since I often suggest GMM to my bariatric patients.

~Stacy Smith, RD/LD, Decatur

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I recommend this to anyone..

I've been doing the Good Measure Meals 5-day plan off and on for the past 2 years. I've lost 20 lbs. and the well-balanced and portion-controlled meals keep me focused on trying to eat well. And the meals are great with good variety. I recommend this to anyone trying to get a handle on weight or health issues. Try it, you’ll like it!

~Carol Calvert, Avondale Estates

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Thank you very much for making losing weight so delicious and convenient

I just wanted to let you know that I have thoroughly enjoyed…all of the meals that I have tried thus far. I love the gourmet taste, variety and quality of the foods and especially the fact that I don't have to worry about portion control or nutrition as I try to drop the last 30 pounds of the 50 that I originally had to lose.

Thank you very much for making losing weight so delicious and convenient.

~Stacey Casado, Athens

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One particular benefit to us has been the nutritional labeling

We wanted to take a moment to let you know how much we have enjoyed Good Measure Meals. We have both been on the 5-day plan since the beginning of the year. The meals are very tasty and varied and we love the time savings by not having to prepare meals and grocery shop each week! Both of us have lost weight, but one particular benefit to us has been the nutritional labeling and low glycemic content of each meal. As Andy is diabetic, these things are critical in maintaining good health and Good Measure Meals has been great in this regard. Terrific job all around and thanks so much!

~Julie and Andy Andrews, Sandy Springs

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How delicious!

I've just enjoyed my first day, breakfast and lunch, and am looking forward to dinner. How delicious! Thank you so much!

~Cathi Jones, Mableton

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I don’t feel hungry or drained…

I'm thrilled with the meals! They're tasty, I've lost a few pounds, and despite the fact I'm working out a lot, I don't feel hungry or drained, which make this sustainable. Also, your customer service has been great (the couple requests I've had you guys have responded to right away, and the delivery has been seamless!). I'll be sticking with this for a while!

~Emily Eisenberg, Atlanta

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I openly recommend it to everyone.

Following Good Measure Meals program of Healthy Eating has allowed me to lose weight, control calories and sustain energy throughout the day. Not only is G.M.M. convenient, it's absolutely delicious and I openly recommend it to everyone. Also a huge fan of the new Vegetarian menu!!

~Tom Sullivan, Atlanta

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l had the "best" doctor’s appointment EVER.

Just wanted to tell you I had the "best" doctor's appointment EVER. I had seen Dr. Murthy in late November and my lab work showed I was borderline diabetic (he called it metabolic syndrome) also hypertensive and my LDH cholesterol was too high. My total Cholesterol was 208. I managed to lose about 5 lbs on my own over the holidays. On Jan 12th I started on the 1200 cal, 7 day plan with Good Measure Meals. I have since lost 15 more pounds for a total of 20 lbs. But the BEST NEWS of all is that my Dr. told me my labs were perfect. I had a HGB A1C (which is a blood sugar average over a month) of 5.6. My Doctor told me I have the blood sugar of a teenager, I am 63. My cholesterol dropped to 174 and my ratio is 2.0 below average risk for heart disease. That is a total drop of 34 points. My blood pressure is also not high anymore and he has reduced all of my medications.

I will say I do exercise 5 days a week including lap swimming, cardio and circuit training with a trainer. (2 days a week) I get great support from my trainer Dee Prince and Athens Personal Fitness.

So it all seems to be working for better health and hopefully quality of life as I look at retirement to Pa. and my 4 grandchildren in 3 years.

Thanks for your great product and variety of meals. Everything is so good and enough food for me. I do NOT feel like I am dieting and I do not get any cravings. I will say I am pretty religious about only eating what you send. So keep sending the good meals, and I will keep you posted on this "perfect" girl's progress.

~Paulette Moreland, Athens

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Delicious meals!

My husband has lost over 50 pounds eating these delicious meals!

~Lyn Graybill, Atlanta

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…his belly is virtually gone

You are going to think I'm the craziest woman on this earth...but my husband said that he wants to continue the meals at least another month. He's lost 8 pounds and his belly is virtually gone. He said he'd supplement my grocery allowance for him to stay on it. He's also enjoying not having the sugar dips during the day. But Kevin is on TWO meds for blood sugar (not insulin dependent yet). I think that maybe he will be able to go off one of the meds….

~Laura Lowe, Lawrenceville

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Thank you Good Measure Meals….for changing my life!!!!!!

I am one of the contestants in the Atlanta’s Biggest Loser contest and I am fortunate enough to enjoy Good Measure Meals while I am a contestant. The meals are extraordinary! The meals are seasoned so nicely and the freshness of the ingredients can clearly be tasted in every single bite. The portions are generous and are just perfect to satisfy my hunger. The menus include a wide variety of foods sure to please all kinds of eaters. I am so thankful to have the opportunity to enjoy these fabulous meals. I plan on continuing with my 1200 calorie a day meal plan long after the contest has finished. I have lost 18 pounds in 5 weeks thanks to the nutritious meals from Good Measure Meals and a workout plan. Thank you Good Measure Meals----for changing my life!!!!!!!!!!

~Tara Schuster, Atlanta

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I also greatly appreciate your wonderful customer service.

I am thrilled with the program. I tried Nutrisystem in the past, but did not enjoy the meals and always felt hungry. I feel that Good Measure Meals does a great job not only making the meals tasty, interesting, and surprising, but in making the meals as substantial as possible with the calorie restrictions.

~Darcy Jones, Atlanta

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Good Measure Meals has been such a part of my success.

Good Measure Meals has been such a part of my success. I love it because I don't have to cook or grocery shop. Also, it is what I like to call a "No Brainer"; delicious healthy fresh food that I don't have to think about. I know for me when I have tried to diet on my own I feel like I have to deprive myself of bread, potatoes, snacks - well anything good. And then, I would crave pizza, chips, junk food - but not this time. Good Measure Meals offers me a variety of dishes and I have not craved one bite of ice cream, chips, pizza anything like I normally do. That is because you get a well balanced meal every time.

~Erica Whitney, Atlanta

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I look forward to picking up my meals each week to see what has been cooked up especially for me!

First of all, I want to thank you for the wonderful meals! They have been a lifesaver for me. I was hooked on fast food and Good Measure Meals provides a healthy, portion-controlled alternative for me. My favorite thus far is the BBQ Chicken pizza...yummm. Although, all of the meals are tasty and I look forward to picking up my meals each week to see what has been cooked up especially for me!

~Karen Hill, Atlanta

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I couldn’t be happier.

This is my third week and I am very pleased with the program. The food is wonderful and I like the variety. I was surprised by how good everything was and what nice size portions they are. I couldn't be happier.

I also greatly appreciate your wonderful customer service. I have recommended Good Measure Meals to one friend (who frequently sends me emails gushing about how happy she is with it), and she has recommended it to a couple of other people, who may start as well.

~Rhonda Sheffield, Pooler

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The meals are an essential part of our healthy living plan.

I also meant to mention that I have lost about ¼- ½ lb a week on this plan and Paul about the same. We also work out with trainers twice a week which helps but we think the meals are an essential part of our healthy living plan. While neither one of us is overweight, we are both 55, have to eat out a lot with clients and try to counteract that with eating healthy meals whenever it is within our control.

Thanks again for your great service.

~Ellyn Foltz, Roswell

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The meals are delicious and perfect for our busy lives…

The meals are really delicious and perfect for our busy lives during the week. What's even better is that I lost 30 lbs. in the first six weeks of my use of GMM...weight which I have never regained over the past 3 years.

~Tony Lewis, Atlanta

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I am loving my vegetarian meals!! The variety is wonderful…

I am loving my vegetarian meals!! The variety is wonderful and the fact that the calories are managed by day instead of averaging calories over a week has really meant a difference in whether I am hungry at the end of the day.

I know when I was eating the Fresh n Fit meals, which I used previously, that they average their calories so some days I would be really hungry and some days I would be ‘stuffed’!!!!

The meals are great and I can’t say enough about the convenience of having 3 healthy meals every day and the variety of the choices!!!

Thanks again!!

~Barbara Reid, Atlanta

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…I’m back to a size 10 – 12!

I have lost 26 lbs. and have enjoyed everything I have eaten. I have also had a drop in cholesterol from 265 to 212! If all that wasn't good enough I'm back to a size 10-12! You guys are doing a great job.

~Susan Phillips, Athens

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…and my doctor is so excited that I’m not on a “diet”. He is very proud of me for taking control of my health and for making changes to eat right…

As a consultant I thought my exhaustion and swollen ankles were due to my years of weekly airport travel. I thought I was tired from sleeping in hotels and working long hours. I blamed the extra 45 pounds that I gained since 2002 on my stressful marriage and pending divorce. As I have always been severely overweight with a large frame, the pounds had accumulated steadily over the years since puberty.

In May 2006 I stopped traveling and took the time to go to my doctor who sent me to a pulmonary specialist. I knew I was in trouble when I started passing out while trying to blow into a device during my first office visit. They ordered a series of tests over the next few months. I was at my highest weight of 335 pounds.

In June of 2006 while waiting for the test results, a friend asked me why I made clear, deliberate choices regarding the quality of my possessions; however, I was feeding my body as an afterthought. Sadly, she was right. I ate whatever restaurant or junk food that was readily available. I ate for comfort and convenience. I told her that I was not opposed to healthy food but that I was not willing to do the research, shopping, measuring, preparation, and/or journaling required to “eat right”. It was not a “priority” for me. And cooking was never my thing. Fortunately for me, my friend offered solutions along with her observations. She asked if I would consider eating nutritious, prepared meals if they were delivered to my home. The next day she sent me the link to www.goodmeasuremeals.com.

After a series of tests and a visit to a cardiologist and then to a Sleep Center I was diagnosed in August of 2006 with severe sleep apnea, an enlarged heart, and asthma. And I was advised that these conditions were all weight-related and I had to lose the excess pounds to reduce the strain on my heart. The pulmonary specialist insisted on bariatric surgery but I wanted to lose it myself. I began working out at Curves 5 days a week. Then I added water aerobics 5 days a week. Currently I do water aerobics and swim laps 5 days a week. Adding GMM and exercise are the fundamental changes that I made. These lifestyle changes have improved my body on the inside and out. Although I have a lot more to lose, I have already lost 55 pounds and over 45 inches. With my body structure, that was a reduction from size 24-26 to size 20-22. And my doctor is very pleased with my annual medical reports. For example, my LDL (bad cholesterol) went from 147 to 105 and my HDL (good cholesterol) went from 24 to 39. My doctor explained that medication could not have produced these changes…only diet and exercise. And my doctor is so excited that I’m not on a “diet”. He is very proud of me for taking control of my health and for making changes to eat right and exercise…two major decisions that are now reviving my health and extending my life. And no more swollen ankles.

As a single person, GMM works for me. I am going into my 3rd year as a customer. I am currently on the 7-day, 2100-calorie meals based on my doctor’s recommendation. And I really enjoy the convenience of reaching into the refrigerator and not wondering if my meals and snacks are “good for me”. The food tastes great and the variety of the 4-week menus eliminates the boredom of eating the same old thing. I have even taken them with me on a retreat to Tennessee and on vacations to Florida. They are very convenient if your destination has a refrigerator and microwave. After holidays, I find myself missing the meals and portion control. And I really start to feel badly if I go without the GMM meals and the exercise for several days as both have become keys to my feeling strong and in control. Now I’m not completely rigid about the meals. I have battled through plateaus and temporary weight gains. I just never give up. I give myself two days to eat whatever I like for Thanksgiving/Christmas, I eat out at restaurants to celebrate special occasions, I take cruises, and I give in to very strong cravings that last more than two days. And then I return to my GMM meals and my new way of life.

Here are some tips that work for me:

  • Transfer all meals to a plate before heating/eating. I am very visual and a volume eater. Seeing the food displayed improves my attitude and I get to see both the quality and quantity of the meals.
  • Make it clear to your coworkers that you are on a mission and it’s ok to skip you on the lunch invitations. Or join your family and friends at informal meals and bring your GMM meal. Don’t forget to eat on a plate.
  • Taste each GMM meal even if the dish is unfamiliar. You may be pleasantly surprised. I was!! My favorite is still the pot roast and gravy over potatoes with vegetables but I now try all the seafood dishes and ethnic foods.
  • Accept the help. GMM may not be an economic option for those feeding a family on a budget but be open to the service if you can afford it. It has been a wise investment for me. And I love the fact that 100% of the money I spend on GMM goes directly into my community to feed others.

I am not a lazy person but food preparation was never my thing. My life is full of job responsibilities and providing support to my 83-year-old mother. GMM gives me one less thing to worry about and I really appreciate the help. As long as GMM is in business I will be a loyal customer.

~Pamela Johnson, Atlanta

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This is a GREAT program!!!!

This is a GREAT program!!!! The food is excellent and the fact that the proceeds help Open Hand makes every meal more delicious!!! :)  

~Sy J., Dallas, GA

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The food is amazing....

The food is amazing and quite simply, I feel great.  You make vegetables taste good! (Along with everything else!!) Y'all are doing a great job and a huge service to Atlanta!

~Kate S., Atlanta

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GMM is by far the easiest

GMM is by far the easiest, healthiest, and tastiest way to lose weight!

~Marquita F., Newnan

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I would recommend GMM to anyone.

I would recommend GMM to anyone.  A great side benefit of the plan is I don’t have to think about portions, nutritional balance, or preparation; it’s all done for me.

~Joel C., Atlanta

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The health benefits are great......

The health benefits are great - but the easy for busy business professionals is a major selling point of GMM

~Allison P., Marietta

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I was on the GMM for 12 weeks and I lost 35 pounds....

I was on the GMM for 12 weeks and I lost 35 pounds and feel fantastic!!!  I am so thankful that GMM came in to my life!  I have never felt better!!!

~Bonny M., Alpharetta

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I really appreciate GMM’s careful attention.....

I really appreciate GMM’s careful attention to the preparation of my meals and their regular surveys to their members requesting feedback and recommendations that ultimately help improve the menus.

~Merwin P., Atlanta

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My wife and I both work, so the convenience....

My wife and I both work, so the convenience of having fresh, gourmet quality meals when we get home is perfect.?I have no complaints overall, and one of my favorite meals is the Caroline Style BBQ Pulled Chicken.

~Charles C., Atlanta

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The five-day plan allowed me to eat out occasionally....

The five-day plan allowed me to eat out occasionally, so I was never deprived; and even when I splurged a bit, I knew on Monday, I’d be returning to my plan.

~Liz F., Atlanta

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With Good Measure Meals, I have lost 25 pounds....

With Good Measure Meals, I have lost 25 pounds, 6 percentage points of body fat and 3 inches from my waist!

~Jay M., Atlanta

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